How to enter

Who can enter?
Any worldwide organisation in the IT industry who qualifies for the chosen category is allowed to enter. PR agencies or individuals may submit entries only if on behalf of their client and with appropriate sign-off.

Verification of Claims Made in Nominations
Entrant attests that all claims made in this nomination are factual and correct. Nominations that are found to contain misleading or untrue information will be disqualified. Finalist nominations may be audited to verify claims.

How much does it cost to enter?
Nomination is free of charge

Please note:  Any changes requested after submission will incur a £25 administration charge.

What is the eligibility period?
All products/solutions entered must have been shipping in EMEA before 1 August 2017. Entrants must have been present/operating in the EMEA markets before 1 August 2017. Submissions for the Innovation categories must have been introduced AFTER 1 June 2016.

Closing date

The closing date for entries is 15 September 2017 at 17:30 GMT. All dates for submission as set down on the website are final and no initial entry will be accepted after the stated closing date.

What do I need to do to enter?

  • Choose which categories you want to enter
  • Download the appropriate form on the nomination page and collect all relative information
  • Put together any further supporting material following the guidelines below
  • Enter your submission online  - only online submissions will be accepted

Online Support Material
You can also upload testimonials, press clippings, copies of printed material, images, case studies, etc.  Pictures supplied can be of an individual at the installation, the installation itself or a general photo of the organisation's premises.

If you are short listed the project description plus the supporting material that you have submitted will go live on the website for voting by the public. If you have confidential information please do not write this information in your submission.

Disposition of Submissions
No corporate media materials submitted to the Awards will be returned.

Further instructions

  • If you wish to enter more than one category please ensure that you are answering the Entry Criteria for each category. Entries into multiple categories that do not appear to have been adapted to the different criteria of each category will be entered only into the category that in the opinion of the judges they best match or will be dropped.
  • The independent panel of judges will validate all entries and forward for voting by the general public.
  • No organisation will be allowed more than one finalist within a category.
  • Entry must be submitted in English.
  • Entry to the Awards constitutes recognition that the stable of publication from Angel Business Communications retains the right to editorial coverage of the entry via printed, electronic or other media before and after the awards.

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Key Dates

Nominations open 24 July
Nomination Extension 15 September
Shortlist Announcement 29 September
Voting opens 2 October
Voting closes 3 November
Awards Ceremony 23 November