Voting Closes in:

Voting is now open, so you are invited to submit your choices. However, some rules do apply:

1. You can make only one vote per award category.
2. Votes will only be accepted from a current business email address.
3. Votes from third party email providers (hotmail, yahoo, etc) will NOT be counted.
4. A nominated company or supplier cannot vote for themselves or their nominee, any such votes will NOT be counted.
5. All voting closes at 17:30 on 17.30 on 3rd November 2017.

Voters will be expected to provide their title, first name, last name, job title, email address and company name. The information is for vote validation purposes.

Any obvious voting abuses may result in nominee withdrawal.


Terms & Conditions apply.

I have read and accept the rules, the terms & conditions

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Key Dates

Nominations open 24 July
Nomination Extension 15 September
Shortlist Announcement 29 September
Voting opens 2 October
Voting closes 3 November
Awards Ceremony 23 November